Does chiropractic treatment actually work?

Are you considering going to visit a chiropractor? It is very likely that you may want to this because of back pain, neck pain, or other bodily pains. However, it may surprise you that there are others who would visit a chiropractor for virtually any disease! And that is chiropractic is all about. Professional chiropractors claim that any disease can be treated by alignment, adjustment, and other manipulations of the spinal cord. As you would already recognise, this is a bold claim—one that has to be examined. But the big question is this: does chiropractic treatment work? To answer this question is not a mean task; and so we shall lean heavily on the opinion of chiropractic experts such as Preston H. Long who has had more than 30 years as a licensed chiropractor, as well as science journalists like Simon Singh and Expert Chiropractor Singapore.

The most important thing to know about chiropractic is that it is founded on a completely false philosophy. This is so because chiropractic doctors have an unfounded belief that all diseases are based on spinal problems that they call subluxations. And as such, they believe that any ailment can be cured by aligning and adjusting the spine. This is not in sync what the established facts of biology and medical science. Some chiropractic doctors, however, believe that these so called subluxations are not direct causes but are underlying causes of any disease. Regardless of what is believed, chiropractic is itself a pure pseudo-science. But I know what you may be thinking: you think that this doesn’t mean it won’t work right? But there is more.

Chiropractors do not base their works on research findings. In fact, there is virtually no scientific evidence in support of chiropractic, both in its claims and actual effectiveness. It is also important that it’s known that certain chiropractic procedures are dangerous. For instance, chiropractic procedures that involve neck manipulations have the potential to damage neck arteries; and this could result in a stroke. Also, some chiropractors usually resort to outright tricks to create the impression that something effective is going on. Take the case of when a popping sound is heard during the adjustments; it is usually taken to mean that spinal joints have fallen into place. But this is not true, as this process is in itself, not different from what obtains when you crack your knuckles. And so nothing therapeutic takes place as may be claimed.

Furthermore, most chiropractic procedures are not necessary. It has been observed that chiropractors take more x-rays than are normally expected in a standard medical setting. One reason that has been cited for this is the fact they wish to make as much money as possible. Also, they also interpret these x-rays in such a way that makes their jobs seem relevant. Apart from the commercial side of the x-rays, it is a known fact that prolonged exposure to x-rays increases the chances of ionising radiation. But haven’t some patients claimed to have been helped in one way or the other? One expert explains that such patients had problems that could have been treated without any medication let alone chiropractic. He even went further to state that chiropractors are trained to deceive the patients into believing that they have been cured. On a final note, there is absolutely no reason why you should waste your money on chiropractic treatment.