How To Treat Shingles Painlessly?

If you’ve asked the question, how to treat shingles painlessly? The simple answer would be to wait it out and do nothing. After all, in cases like this, the virus is dormant and can not be transmitted to other people through any kind of physical contact. It’s not like a common cold, where you can get the flu or some other kind of infection. It’s a rheumatic fever that affect the nerves of your spine, the nerves of your legs, and the nerves of your hands. And since shingles is caused by infection types of HPV, which are viruses that you get from having sex with other people, then it is contagious and can easily be passed on to others.

So how does one deal with the pain? One treatment option is to stay home, lie down, take a nap, and hope that the pain goes away. Unfortunately, there are several risk factors associated with this. One is that if you do nothing about the symptoms, you’ll be more likely to experience more pain over time, which will make the symptoms even worse and increase the likelihood that you’ll develop a more serious case of shingles.

To avoid the risk factors and treatments associated with shingles, the first step is to identify the symptoms first. This means knowing what they are so you can figure out their causes and the best course of treatment. There are three main symptoms, you need to look for. They are pain, burning sensation, and itching. Once you’ve identified the symptoms, you can decide what treatment method is right for you.

If you have pain and burning sensation, you need to start with over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol. There are also several alternative shingles treatment options available, such as hot or cold compresses, acupressure, shingles ointment, acupuncture, and phototherapy. Since shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, using the same shingles treatment method is recommended to avoid complications.

However, if your pain and burning sensation are more severe, then you may want to seek a consult from your doctor. In fact, the doctor will be able to identify the shingles cause. Then he or she will discuss the options with you. One of the most common treatments for shingles is called lapatinib, or Zovirax. It is administered in a shot form and is taken once a day.

Another treatment option is the use of antiviral drugs, or Acyclovir. They can also work in combination with each other, or they can be taken on their own. They are most effective when taken first thing in the morning, and the drug has to be taken daily for two to three weeks to get full results. While these drugs are used to treat chickenpox, they too are known to be effective at treating shingles, because they both prevent the virus from reoccurring.

There are also alternative medicine treatments available for those who want to know how to treat shingles painlessly. For example, homeopathic medicine advocates suggest treating shingles symptoms with substances called “shingles bromides.” These substances contain a component called bromide, which is known to reduce pain and itching. Many alternative practitioners also believe that the body’s natural immune system can fight off the infection itself. So, instead of taking stronger drugs, they recommend taking supplements that boost the immune system.

While the answer to the question how to treat shingles painlessly may seem to run against common sense, there are many who choose this path simply because it is cheaper than traditional methods. Some may prefer to take a more gradual approach in order to avoid feeling anxious or stressed during treatment. Shingles, like other viral infections, is not easily cured. However, when it is treated properly with the right medication and holistic methods, sufferers can often get rid of the symptoms within days. With some quick and proper education, patients can learn how to cure shingles on their own and avoid the costs of medications and doctor visits.

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