Why you should buy a used CO2 Laser

Modern aesthetic medicine is an area that can no longer do without laser technology. They are, in many cases if not the only, the most effective means of treatment. For laser skin rejuvenation and elimination of defects of the face for the first time (over 40 years ago) were used, the CO2 laser is carbon dioxide.

The application of laser radiation in order to eliminate and correction of cosmetic defects has become one of the most dynamically developing and promising areas of aesthetic medicine.

The effects of laser exposure at laser agent

The value of cultivated areas depends on the density and light intensity, duration of exposure, its nature (pulsed, continuous). The radiation of the CO2 laser with a power of 50 kW and the density per 1 cm2 causes a rapid heating of the water contained in tissues and cells, and from it the anhydrous components of tissues. The result is an explosive, instantaneous water evaporation (vaporization) with the destruction of the cells and structures of tissue.

The use of CO2 laser

Various modes of carbon dioxide laser give able to use it for different purposes. For example, the use of the focused mode, allows you to excise tissue with simultaneous hemostasis by coagulation of small vessels. The decrease in the density of directed power (de-focused mode) used for purely cosmetic procedures:

• laser dermabrasion (removal of the upper skin layers to rejuvenate);

• smoothing traumatic scars and scars after acne, areas of atrophic scars, including stretch mark removal;

• vaporization of various skin diseases and cosmetic defects — epidermal birthmarks and age spots, tattoos, spider veins, xanthelasma, warts and warts, fungal nail infections, cysts;

• Eliminate stretch marks

The result is a retraction (compression) of the tissues due to the dehydration and contraction of collagen fibers. Long-term results due to the reaction of tissues to traumatic and thermal injuries. They are caused by aseptic inflammation, which stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts, a significant number of proteins of collagen and elastin with the formation of their parallel arrangement and also increased the growth of epidermal cells.

Fractional laser

When a small area of ablation as a result of applying dioxide laser, the heat-affected zone of damage to surrounding healthy tissues are large enough. They are 100-250 microns (for comparison, when using the erbium laser — 20-50 microns) that causes pain during the procedure and sometime after, in connection with which there is a need for painkillers. Furthermore, this treatment requires a long recovery period and possibly other side effects and complications in the form of suppuration, and the formation of demarcation lines and scars.

The opportunity to avoid many of the complications, and to reduce rehabilitation period after correction of cosmetic defects allowed fractional CO2 laser, which generated scatter radiation by splitting a single nuclear beam in the thousands. This technique received the name of fractional photo thermolysis, or DOT therapy (thermal optical thermolysis).

Its essence is not solid, and multiple microscopic effects on the skin and the formation of a large number of microthermal damaged areas in the form of a sieve, alternating with areas of intact skin. At the same temperature, and hence damage is subjected to the minimum amount of surrounding tissue. On the treated plot micro thermal exposure is not continuous wound surface, and only 20%, the remaining 80% of the skin are in stroke.

The treatment sessions on such technology safe and a little painful. They allow you to:

1. To make the procedure a controlled and gentle.

2. To avoid complications in the form of formation of the demarcation line, the postoperative scarring on the treated areas.

3. Significantly reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.

4. To preserve the protective function of the skin, and thus prevent the development of purulent inflammation.

5. To make the procedure comfortable, and the recovery period is short since the regeneration of the epithelium of undamaged parts occurs quickly and evenly.

The uniqueness of the fractional CO2 laser is also in the fact that within 1 day after the procedure treatments the main layer of the epidermis is completely restored, and fragments of the destroyed cells are shed within 1 week. For the past 7 days, depth of wrinkles is significantly reduced, evens the complexion and tightened his oval. To consolidate the effect of rejuvenation is necessary to conduct 5-6 treatments for 1 month.